Maybe you saw this ridiculous post, describing some fun, very manual, steps to make your maps look like they were assembled of 1×1 bricks on the wonderful vibrant Utopian plain that is a lego base plate. Vanni Zhang rightly saw a better way than all that manual tinkering, and assembled a robot to do the lego construction … Continue reading Lego-ifier

Bubble Madness

What we choose to watch on TV says a lot about who we are and what we’re into. Of course viewing preferences between different sports will have a strong regional pattern, but what about the more subtle difference of preferring the collegiate level or the professional level within the same sport? That’s pretty interesting, too! … Continue reading Bubble Madness

Beer vs Wine

This is a map showing the beer vs wine preference across American counties. The brightness is based on how much we spend on beer and wine. Visit this story map to walk through the process and rationale leading up to this value-by-alpha map, if you dare! After sharing this map, a fellow map nerd helpfully pointed … Continue reading Beer vs Wine