Colorize Vintage Black and White Hillshade Maps

One thought on “Colorize Vintage Black and White Hillshade Maps”

  1. Hi John,

    It’s a real pleasure for me to get in touch with you through this channel. Let me tell you… from my Guatemala highlands place… I really dig your stuff! I first heard of you participating in ESRI’s cartography MOOC and found you back googling for Imhof’s work, ending up watching your video to hear you encouraging people to google for Imhof’s work. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I just got the chance to register to the latest (¿?) ESRI MOOC on imagery. My main goal was to get a few weeks free license to have a hand on the new blending function available in ArcGIS Pro lately. I’ve got the 2.5 version which doesn’t include those and, as a Photoshop long time user, I really wanted to try those on my maps. Those functions are such a huge deal! I wanted to ask you if ESRI is planning to include in its software some more “artistic” filters like gaussian-blur and all those kind of gadgets working at smaller scale level than the pixel. Blending modes are pixel scale tools per se, but they’re effective as a brush more than as a scalpel. Don’t you know if ESRI might have a plan to develop some artistic toolbox in the future?

    Well, I just wanted to say you hello from the Mayan mountains and thank you for such a great job you’re doing sharing all those tips with us.


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