Lights On & Lights Out

6 thoughts on “Lights On & Lights Out”

  1. Venezuela’s infrastructure has been breaking down at an accelerated pace, and it’s well-documented that it suffers crippling brownouts every so often for the last few years. I am not surprised to see a lot of lights dying, although it IS striking to see. I’m way more curious about what the new lights are all about. New construction has been minimal for a long time.


    1. I agree, it is interesting to see some new lights in Venezuela. They are very concentrated, though. Might they be petroleum extraction, or some other big construction project?


  2. Brilliant. Paints a pretty bleak picture of Syria (and northern Iraq), showing the effects of conflicts there (ISIS etc.). Why are so many lights off in the US? I’m a Southern Hemisphere dweller so was a bit surprised by it.


  3. I’m not sure how these images were compiled, but maybe there’s some disparity due to the time of when the photos were taken?

    For instance, during the week versus the weekend? Or perhaps in the winter vs summer? More pleasant weather and longer days might mean more/less lights being on?

    The picture of Texas (specifically San Antonio) shows a near total change for the entire metro area. That would be an insanely drastic change for just 4 years.


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