Adobe MAX 2019

You may or may not have attended the presentation Sarah Bell and I gave at Adobe MAX, called “Map Making for Designers: It’s Easier than You Think.” Either way, please indulge in the nitty gritty related to each and every thing I may have shown or mentioned. Prepare for a link-blast… How to create a … Continue reading Adobe MAX 2019

5 UX Fails

This list comes from my distant past as a UX designer but I just happened across it and think it bears a bounce. Here it is, largely as it appeared nine years ago. I think these fails still hold up…unfortunately. … Every interface has an energy budget –there is no way around that. Some interfaces … Continue reading 5 UX Fails

Paper Cut Maps

Some time ago I made a map of the Great Lakes in the style of the little paper craft maps I’d see in the gift shops of every beach community. And I described the arduous process of creating it for yourself. But why do hard things when you can do the same thing easily? Here is a style for ArcGIS … Continue reading Paper Cut Maps