Here is a set of maps made to look like cross-stitched samplers. You can use the style, too, if you’d like. Or read about its making here. Here is a real cross-stitch I made when I was a kid. Happy Stitching! John Also, here is that hoop stretcher graphic, if you want to lay it … Continue reading Sampler

Ambient-ish Hillshade

Here’s a way to hack an ambient hillshade effect in ArcGIS Pro using traditional hillshade and slope applied to blurred DEMs. Here’s the result: Here is this technique applied to Northern Michigan. Using this an an overlay blend mode (in Adobe) atop imagery gives a pretty attractive result. Continue reading Ambient-ish Hillshade

My Precious

Even the smallest map can change the course of the future. Download the latest version of the My Precious style for ArcGIS Pro and press your quill to the parchment of your imagination. This version has several improvements over the original, to make your Middle Earth maps better and easier… Improved symbol scale for better looking and more consistent … Continue reading My Precious

Working Well Remotely

I drafted this blog post a while ago, before social distancing recommendations, then mandates, came to the United States. It is not written specifically in light of of our current epidemiological condition. But hopefully there are some tips and insights that might be helpful for folks who already work remotely and to others who will … Continue reading Working Well Remotely

Equal Area Starter Web Maps for Global and Regional Thematic Mapping

Getting an ArcGIS Online web map rolling using something other than the standard Web Mercator can be a challenge, especially if you are in a hurry. Here are some pre-made maps in an equal area projection as a head start to making your global/regional web maps . It’s an important consideration for thematic maps. Here … Continue reading Equal Area Starter Web Maps for Global and Regional Thematic Mapping

Social Vulnerability, Age, and Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Social Vulnerability Index helps emergency response planners and public health officials identify and map the communities that will most likely need support before, during, and after a hazardous event. Given the drastic rise in the #COVIDー19 mortality rate after age 60, US counties with a higher proportion of … Continue reading Social Vulnerability, Age, and Coronavirus

Condensed How-To: Updated Imhof-Style Map of Switzerland

Here is a map of Switzerland done in an Eduard Imhof-inspired style. The topography uses an impressionistic palette of greens and ochers for the terrain lighting and shading, and has an atmospheric perspective shift to muted green tones in lower elevations. Similar to a previous version, but with an updated style resource and additional features. … Continue reading Condensed How-To: Updated Imhof-Style Map of Switzerland