Felt Map

Some time ago, while I was working on a wood-looking map of undersea cables, my 10-year-old daughter Willow, who was mightily into the movie Trolls at the time, told me my map should be made out of felt instead of wood. So, here is that map, using a photo of a swatch of her craft … Continue reading Felt Map

There And Back Again. Dad’s Map as a path from digital to drawn and back to digital

I’ve been into hand drawing maps lately, to give as gifts. What a blast. I’ve found that the process is pretty cyclical, though as I use a GIS to prep for a hand drawn map, and then later was inspired by the results to create texture resources for GIS so I could make hand drawn … Continue reading There And Back Again. Dad’s Map as a path from digital to drawn and back to digital

CFB Championship

Well, we have an all-SEC (yaaaawwwnnn, oh, pardon me) championship game. Here are how the two teams compare, by way of in-state players and Air Mile Index, by class… Actually, it is a pretty interesting match-up of recruiting footprints; the two programs have much different patterns. Alabama’s Air Mile index is typical of a top-tier … Continue reading CFB Championship

Hillshade by Hand

I’ve been setting parameters for digital hillshade for years. And loving it. But when I got a close look at an actual graphite-on-paper sheet of hillshade from an unknown cartographer of the past I felt…jealous. This was the remarkable work of a master. And it was laid down with their mind and hand. The ideas … Continue reading Hillshade by Hand

Papercut Lake Map

To continue my apparent Great Lakes phase, I’ve made a map that looks like it was assembled from a stack of punch-cut cardstock paper layers to replicate lake bathymetry, like these eye-watering delights. Here is a how-to post if you are curious about the process or would like to download the source project, the data, … Continue reading Papercut Lake Map