Khaki Basemap

Here is a khaki-colored basemap. Because khaki colored basemaps are insanely useful as a handsome muted monochromatic stage for your stuff. So check it, and use it as the background for your story or thematic map or whatever you feel is best. Nice and easy. Love, John Continue reading Khaki Basemap

Some ways to visualize Challenger Deep’s deepness

I recently made a StoryMap that illustrates the deepness of Challenger Deep using some comparisons. Like taking a walk through Manhattan. Or skydiving. Or free-diving. There are also the obligatory Everest, Grand Canyon and Burj Khalifa units in there, too. As one does. Also, to keep it somewhat sciency, I have this introduction thing to … Continue reading Some ways to visualize Challenger Deep’s deepness

Pirates and Time Travel

The ability to slide on the data visualization goggles to filter, pivot, animate, and otherwise magically parse a phenomenon is a real wonder. This StoryMap walks through the visual analysis of 30 years of nautical piracy through various cross-sections of the calendar. While I am not a marine security expert or global economist/sociologist/explorer, I do … Continue reading Pirates and Time Travel