Make this Cassini Globe Ornament Please

It’s that time of year (as it was last year and the year before) when geographers cozy up to zoom chats with spatially-minded friends, replete with our finest topographically-themed virtual backgrounds, our Lego assemblages meticulously arranged within view, and only our most coveted geography tomes visible on the bookshelf (plus a handful outsider works like the Farside Gallery or knitting … Continue reading Make this Cassini Globe Ornament Please

Imhof-ish Cartography: Everywhere Can Look Like Switzerland

Remember when you were a mid-century master of terrain mapping? When you imagined the play of light on a topographic surface and sketched in shadows with your graphite stick and layered your photographic plates to generate one renowned cartographic wonder after another by day, then dabbled in paints and washes exploring the luxurious interplay of colors … Continue reading Imhof-ish Cartography: Everywhere Can Look Like Switzerland

Glassy North Arrows

Here is an ArcGIS Pro style containing four north arrows. They have a glassy semitransparent white appearance with a shadow effect for better visibility over highly textured surfaces while muted enough to provide balance. They provide a visual reference for north that doesn’t fully obscure or otherwise steal visibility from underlying map imagery. Plus they’re … Continue reading Glassy North Arrows


CovidPulse is an interactive map that shows Unite States coronavirus trends at the local level, since February, updated daily. 0:14 Johns Hopkins University U.S. County data source0:40 What is a sparkline?1:38 Information architecture influenced by “Designing for the Scent of Information” by Jared Spool.2:25 Trend status coloration by Charlie Frye.2:45 Outlier counties with large prison populations. The unexpected questions … Continue reading CovidPulse