Make Waves

A while back my family went to see the animated film, Raya and the Last Dragon. It got mixed reviews from the Nelsons but what really caught my eye was the illustrative cartographic scene used to introduce the back story. It used a charming paper puppet theater aesthetic; the wavy water patterns were especially beautiful. When you are … Continue reading Make Waves

Fun Ambient Hillshade

There is something meditative and wonderful about seeing…and making…hillshades. A nice hillshade can turn a map from something…not hillshaded…to something dripping with tactile charm. And there are all sorts of tones and techniques out there, each with a bit of a different feel. Here’s a playlist of 38 (and counting) videos showing different ways to make, use, … Continue reading Fun Ambient Hillshade

From GIS to Glowforge: 3D Printed Terrain for Map Nerds

This project, and blog post, were made in collaboration with Chris Cappelli. What a time to be alive. Humans have harnessed the laser. Without question the single greatest application of this profound new technology is its incorporation into consumer grade arts and crafts laser cutters. Naturally, geographers have a thing or two to add to … Continue reading From GIS to Glowforge: 3D Printed Terrain for Map Nerds