Glassy North Arrows

Here is an ArcGIS Pro style containing four north arrows. They have a glassy semitransparent white appearance with a shadow effect for better visibility over highly textured surfaces while muted enough to provide balance. They provide a visual reference for north that doesn’t fully obscure or otherwise steal visibility from underlying map imagery. Plus they’re … Continue reading Glassy North Arrows


CovidPulse is an interactive map that shows Unite States coronavirus trends at the local level, since February, updated daily. 0:14 Johns Hopkins University U.S. County data source0:40 What is a sparkline?1:38 Information architecture influenced by “Designing for the Scent of Information” by Jared Spool.2:25 Trend status coloration by Charlie Frye.2:45 Outlier counties with large prison populations. The unexpected questions … Continue reading CovidPulse