New Amsterdam Style

On a recent trip to the Netherlands I had some chats about reviving a vintage style of Dutch waterway navigation and planning printed maps for use with current, digital, data. The inspiration came from Dirkzwager’s Guide, a book of local waterway maps. Turns out the Dutch are really interested in waterway planning and the modifiable … Continue reading New Amsterdam Style

LOTR Americas

Here is a map made using a new extended version of the My Precious style (direct link to the style description). It shows the World Wildlife Fund’s terrestrial biomes and labels from the Living Atlas World Landforms. Lakes and rivers come from Project Linework. The font is Aniron by Pete Klassen. Happy Mapping! John Continue reading LOTR Americas

Imhof Wold Map Mega-Alpha-Prototype

I’ve been working on an ArcGIS Pro style to let map makers apply hillshades and atmospheric effects in a manner hopefully reminiscent of Swiss cartographer Eduard Imhof‘s Walensee topographic¬†painting. Anyway, it’s a Friday afternoon and I’ll be thinking about this all weekend so at least I can post these pictures (quickly cobbled together with incomplete … Continue reading Imhof Wold Map Mega-Alpha-Prototype

Three Maps

This September I’ll be traveling to the Esri Netherlands GIS Conference where I’ll be leading a one-day pre-conference cartography workshop. Here are three of the maps we’ll be creating together, with lots of mini-map sessions sandwiched in-between. An Imhof-inspired physical map of Switzerland… A watercolor style map of the Netherlands… And a Firefly map aggregating … Continue reading Three Maps