How to make the map on the cover of GIS for Science volume 3

How do you make the cover for GIS for Science volume 3? You have amazing colleagues like Dawn Wright and Christian Harder who work at the speed of trust! This cover came together remarkably fast, and was a fun and interactive experience with creative collaborators and top-notch content providers. The Half-Earth Project features prominently in this volume so it was a fast … Continue reading How to make the map on the cover of GIS for Science volume 3

It’s a Giant Globe!

—Witten with Sean Breyer— When you are a global Geographic Information Technology company with a globe in your logo, you don’t shy away from the opportunity to have a great big glorious 8.5-foot diameter illuminated rotating globe in your new office building. But what sort of globe cartography do you design? How should this gigantic … Continue reading It’s a Giant Globe!

Multivariate Maps

A while back I wrote an uncharacteristically formal thing for the “GIS&T Body of Knowledge” about multivariate maps. You can find it here. Expanding on that, here are a series of videos that describe, with more visual examples, what they are and how to make them. Part 1What the deuce are they? Why would you … Continue reading Multivariate Maps