3D Brain Hack

or, Cobbling Together Screenshots to Create Stereopairs If you ever had an “airphoto interpretation” class, and you are at least as old as me, then you likely peered through these suckers in a geography lab somewhere to view pairs of offset imagery in pseudo-3D. And, if you did it enough, you probably got to where … Continue reading 3D Brain Hack

On the Bubble

Here is another look at the 2016 presidential election. This map uses adjacent proportional semi-circles to directly compare the number of votes between two parties. This head-to-head method is a bit better at reducing the symbol overlap issue of a standard proportional map that uses co-incident full circles. There’s enough overlap issue in this map … Continue reading On the Bubble


It’s an election cartogram, ok. But I tacked on some tacky graphics so now the hexagons look like cubes! Pew pew! If you are curious about how to make it, and/or want to re-use my cubifying graphics (a “cube front” image and a “cube back” image sandwich the graduated symbol layer) then have at it … Continue reading Electo-Cubo-Gram