How to Make this Map of Indonesia

5 thoughts on “How to Make this Map of Indonesia”

  1. Hi John,

    I went through both “Indonesia” tutorials. They are splendid. They worked perfectly…well, almost perfectly. I used your technique to create a visualization of the Great Lakes. It came out well EXCEPT for the texturing segment. I used a photo of lightly tinted pastel paper (heavy construction paper with a pronounced tooth). When I used it as a fill for the lakes layer, it showed up with a tiled effect–small squares with a gradient from one side to the other. I increased the point scale from your recommendation of 256 to 800 or 900, it did solve most of the tiling problem, but there is still a slight tile-effect in the lake layer fill after blending. The other issue is that by increasing the fill points, the image expands and the ripples are magnified and it thereby loses some (but by no means all) of the “wavy” effect.

    I would send you a jpg of the map layout, but I am not sure how to do it.


    George Milne


      1. I made the Great Lakes…it looks pretty good except for the faint unblended line that runs through Lakes Michigan and Superior. I could send it if you would like to see it. Thanks for the texture.

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    1. Yup, I did a dissolve before used the gradient fill on lake layer otherwise the lake polygons in the original shapefile would have had lots of centers (actually, I tried the gradient fill BEFORE I did the gradient fill and had lots of centers…of the various polygons…not a great look). My center now is somewhere southeast of Saginaw so the “reflection” falls largely in Lake Huron but there is “spillage” through Lake Saint Clair and Lake Michigan…with just a tad spilling into Lakes Erie and Superior. The gradient effect is really good, it’s just the blend is not totally seamless…there is a faint gradation difference in Lake Superior and Lake Michigan because of the paper layer artifacts. One touch up that I used to make the visualization pop out was to apply a second offset on the 10m river centerline shapefile. It’s just a little sand-colored nudge of about .3 point that gives a little 3D effect similar to the “shoreline” offset that you used on the Indonesia map. I am using the exported Great Lakes layout jpg as a basemap for a course lecture. (On the “Beaver Wars” of the mid-seventeenth century.) I haven’t tried the paper raster files that you put up though, but I will see if they work. I am always open to tips…like ones that might answer “how do you put in arrows or otherwise symbolize in Arc Pro the movement of peoples or armies on a static map.”


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