Mega Easy Watercolor Painting in ArcGIS Pro

6 thoughts on “Mega Easy Watercolor Painting in ArcGIS Pro”

  1. great article. Say i’m doing a lot of laser cutting in the mountains of Santa Cruz and curious how to load a vector image of a layered ocean shelf via Arcgis. Can you load directly on illustrator in Vector format?

    thanks for the great maps,



  2. Love the water color effect. I’m trying to do the coastal effect, but I think I’m missing something. My coastal water lines are crossing over each other (and sometimes other land areas) where land areas are close to each other, like in northern Canada. Yours don’t seem to do that.


    1. In the symbology panel, make sure you set the option to “accurate” instead of “fast”. And it helps to have multipart features so the offset features don’t overlap as distinct singlepart features.


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