Tattered Map Sandwich

4 thoughts on “Tattered Map Sandwich”

  1. This is fantastic! I love this style. And thank you for sharing! I made a map for my company using this style, and it has been a massive hit. They joke that every map I make from now on will need to be a treasure map.


    1. Thanks Lindsy! That tattered map overlay image has had a pretty good run so far. I’m always excited to see it pop up in folks’ maps. I’d love to see how you used it!


  2. Thanks as always for sharing this wonderful content. I finally got around to trying this and the Middle Earth styles out. I discovered the two blend well together (try overlaying the water from Pirate over the water from ME, or one of the greens from Pirate over the trees from ME). Finished it off with the folded paper texture from Living Atlas, the map will make a handsome cover photo for our organization’s Portal.


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