40 Years of Nautical Piracy

3 thoughts on “40 Years of Nautical Piracy”

  1. I live in Larnaca and sail the Eastern Med so looked up my region. Three of the positions are way off. One in Limassol is given a position which it says is inaccurate (why?) and two others are wildly out – ons claims to be 24 miles west of Beirut but in fact is 90 miles west of Beirut. The other claims to be ‘off the coast of Lebanon’ but is located on land in Cyprus.


  2. Do not rely on this map. Just clicking around for a couple minutes, I see lots of incidents that are not piracy in any way, like Greenpeace boarding logging ships and robbers boarding yachts moored in luxurious ports. Many other incidents are counted more than once. It’s fun to poke around at this thing, but make no mistake, it’s not trustworthy.


    1. Thanks for the comment, John! While the NGA, and I, might not agree with your definition of piracy, it is important to always give any data visualization a critical look and be open to many sources of data regarding the same phenomenon.


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