12 thoughts on “CMYK Vice”

  1. Interestingly, the drinking/obesity map would appear to indicate high rates of drinking/low obesity (pink) through the Appalachia/Corn Belt region where the trivariate shows the opposite to be true. I can’t imagine how the data would misrepresent itself in this way. Thoughts?


  2. Very cool! I really enjoyed looking through these maps and especially noticing the interesting changes across state lines. One correction: the outlier county in Utah is Summit, not Salt Lake. Summit County is where Park City is, and it has a much higher rate of people who live there for skiing/outdoor recreation and/or second homes for rich people (not sure how that is counted in the data). It is much less LDS than the rest of the state. Salt Lake County has a higher rate of drinking and smoking (and lower percentage of LDS church members) than other counties in Utah, especially Utah County, where Provo and BYU are, but it’s not as big an outlier.
    A Utahn


  3. This is a truly excellent use of public health data. I am currently writing a masters paper on Geographic Information Systems and their use in healthcare and I was wondering if I could have permission to use your graphic in the paper? It would be private between me and my instructor. Let me know. Thanks!


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