Animated Tornado Tree Rings

9 thoughts on “Animated Tornado Tree Rings”

  1. This is amazing! Interesting that there is a sort of ring of intensity centered on southern Missouri in the spring, with a depression in the middle.


  2. These are amazing John. This gives me an idea to use this methodology to show population migration. Where I am at, Fauquier County, VA, there is a theory that areas are developing around us at a greater rate than we are due to the county’s conservative stance on development. Do you think it would be possible to develop this same type of animation with tree rings or even fire fly hexagons to show population/migration in and around Fauquier County, VA over the course of 30 years? I think what we will see is a stick in the water effect. Imagine the county being the stick and population is the water flowing around it. My initial idea was to develop this as a dot density map, but I am not sure how to add the animation or even how to actually acquire the census data to support.


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