9 thoughts on “Handedness”

  1. Interesting to see! I’m right-handed and for the letters there are quite some differences but the numbers seem even more peculiar. Only the 3, 8, and 0 are written in the same way I write them.

    1 is different for me, because here in Germany it is usually written with 2 strokes

    2 is almost the same, but I start the other way around

    3 same

    4 I write the left part first and then add the downward stroke on the right

    5 Maybe I just write it in an odd way, but I first draw the “sickle”-part of the 5 and then add the top stroke

    6 Basically the same, but I start the other way around

    7 German difference again, here the 7 has one stroke more, I also don’t begin it at the bottom, but at the top.

    8 same

    9 I write it the other way around

    0 And the same again

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  2. I quit cursive once I got to college and started taking drafting classes for my architecture education. So I tend to “letter” my documents instead of writing them. To this day if I’m doing a nice note card or thank you letter I will pull out a small drawing triangle and letter with very precise vertical strokes.
    The biggest difference I see in my numeral depiction is that 8 is always two circles and never a continuous overlapping stroke.
    Oh, I letter in UPPER CASE with the Starting letter of a sentence taller than the rest.

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  3. Watching this, I think the part that is “weird” to many is the fact that you don’t start your strokes from the top always. I know when I write (and looking at my daughter’s books teaching her to write her letters), all strokes start from the top. So when you start your 6 in the middle or the second stroke of the 4 in the middle, that looks odd (and is different from how many Americans are taught).


  4. John my penmanship looks similar to yours but I write my numbers and letters from the top down and every circle clockwise. Interesting to compare our differences! That’s spatial thinking.


  5. Right-handed anglo Canadian. My Swiss elementary school teacher nearly literally beat it into us that the only way to write a 5 is by doing the sickle part first, then adding the top stroke.

    “Hyou dont bilt de hroof befhor hyou bilt de hauss!”


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