Ghost Labels

One thought on “Ghost Labels”

  1. I noticed, that some labels seem to disappear completely when zoomed out.

    Could this be extended into some sort of ghost labelling that is practically invisible at certain distances?

    Just like printed CMYK halftone screen pattern become invisible.

    So having high frequency darker Text-(Outline) plus brighter halo (or vice versa) cancel out to the average of the surrounding hue and lightness at lower frequencies?

    This should be doable by somehow using wavelet (also chirplets, curvelets?)-like transformations (all transformation, where the sum/integral of differences is zero) on the label with the background color as neutral level, that is optically neutral at longer viewing distances (lower frequencies), but looks like labels on closer distances.

    When choosing different bandwidths for the transformation, smaller bandwidths should disappear faster with decreasing viewing distance.

    This could also be applied to all kinds of charts.

    After all, this is just a wild thought on a caffeine-heigh, but I think its worth sharing.

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