Five Years of Drought

23 thoughts on “Five Years of Drought”

  1. This is great! How does one go about making something like this? For example with deforesteration in Brazil, appreciate any help!


  2. I would love to see a tutorial of how to do this kind of maps, or at least of you did these ones.


      1. Awesome post and responses! We’re trying to figure out how to map kangaroo presence/absence in Australia over time, along with shooting data, drought, and habitat loss. Tricky. But this was a great page to happen upon. Thanks!


  3. This is super impressive! I’ve only just started on ARC GIS, so the thought of making something like this boggles the mind. Thanks for detailing your thought process as you went through the iterations.


    1. Thanks Justin! I encourage you to give it a try, it’s all very doable. I’m planning on a more specific guide on how to aggregate overlapping polygon data into a hex array like this. I hope you check back. In the meantime, happy mapping!


  4. Hey John, congratulations for this great post!

    Do you think it is possible to do the same work using open source tools like Qgis or R ?



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