5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Dear John,
    I write to you from a Danish digital publishing house. We would like to seek permission to use one of your maps on our e-learning portal Geografifaget.dk. Will you please contact me on my e-mail to hear more?
    Have a nice day!

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  2. Dear Mr. Nelson,

    I work as a project manager for Plantyn, an educational publishing company in the northern, Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Our peer group consists of teachers and pupils from grammar school up until higher education. At this moment we are preparing a new title in our series geography, Polaris GO! 5. It will be used by 16 to 17-year old pupils. We would like to use an image from your website: http://uxblog.idvsolutions.com/2012/06/earthquakes-since-1898.html.
    Would you please grant us the permission to use it in our learning method and inform me of your conditions?
    Thank you in advance for letting me know!

    Kind regards
    Kim Winkelmans


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