Hillshade by Hand

I’ve been setting parameters for digital hillshade for years. And loving it. But when I got a close look at an actual graphite-on-paper sheet of hillshade from an unknown cartographer of the past I felt…jealous. This was the remarkable work of a master. And it was laid down with their mind and hand. The ideas … Continue reading Hillshade by Hand

Papercut Lake Map

To continue my apparent Great Lakes phase, I’ve made a map that looks like it was assembled from a stack of punch-cut cardstock paper layers to replicate lake bathymetry, like these eye-watering delights. Here is a how-to post if you are curious about the process or would like to download the source project, the data, … Continue reading Papercut Lake Map

Great Glacial Lakes

Amazingly, an ancient remote sensing satellite has been recovered, encased in permafrost, during an archaeological dig in a still-undisclosed location. The 10-20 thousand year old imaging technology was reverse-engineered and scientists have been able to extract the imagery from the device. Among the imagery they found this shot of what is now the Great Lakes … Continue reading Great Glacial Lakes

Great Lakes Bathymetry

Here is the result of a late afternoon diversion. The bathymetric data comes from the┬áNOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. The aspect ratio is consistent with a 1920×1080 monitor so it might make an alright desktop image, if you are into that sort of thing. Quick process run-down, which will take as long to type … Continue reading Great Lakes Bathymetry