How-To: Sharknado Map

This is The Global Sharknado Threat Map. Created by an unprecedentedly cross-discipline team of nameless chain-smoking scientists in white lab coats, this map is intended as a resource to coastal communities regarding the nature and likelihood of a sharknado incursion. Right? This map was originally conceived by Drew Skau, and commissioned by This is … Continue reading How-To: Sharknado Map

How-To: Hurricane Map

Here is a run-down with all the carto nitty-gritty on how to make the following map: It shows the locations of each recorded hurricane and tropical storm since the mid 1800s. When viewed in aggregate, the hurricanes appear to coalesce into a single great hurricane eye. It’s a basic map, with some cartographic punch. Super simple to … Continue reading How-To: Hurricane Map


Hi There! I’m John Nelson, a cartographer and designer living in Lansing, Michigan. You may have arrived here via my sweet sweet beloved prior domain, Anyway, nothing here yet, but hang in there. In the meantime, help yourself to some links… Continue reading Welcome!