Six Months of Drought in the American Southeast

Here is a look at the ongoing drought that has been hovering over the American Southeast since spring. It shows six months of aggregated drought areas (drought perimeters of varying intensity, released weekly, collected from June – November of 2016), binned up into 100 square mile hexagonal zones. These zones are scaled by the proportion … Continue reading Six Months of Drought in the American Southeast

The cartography of the Bruised Borders story

The maps of the Bruised Borders story are a combination of a customized vector tile basemap and border polygons with image texture fills, assembled in ArcGIS Online. The cartographic theme is that of actively wounded boundaries between nations. The basemap looks a little like skin, and the disputed boundaries are meant to resemble abrasion. A bit … Continue reading The cartography of the Bruised Borders story

My Bad Interview

It was 2004. I was wrapping up a masters degree in “GeoScience” at Central Michigan University. Married, and with a young son, I wanted badly to lock something, anything, down before graduation. I had a faint but growing sense of urgency, having heard nothing back from the hordes of resumes and applications that I’d been sending … Continue reading My Bad Interview

Ghost Labels

Blending-Mode Label Coloring Last winter, I was experimenting with applying blending modes to label text, as a way of annotating a map without a heavy-handed solid fill or double stroke. I wanted the labels to recede when looking at the map as a whole, but then appear if the eye stopped for a closer look. Labels … Continue reading Ghost Labels