Beer vs Wine

This is a map showing the beer vs wine preference across American counties. The brightness is based on how much we spend on beer and wine. Visit this story map to walk through the process and rationale leading up to this value-by-alpha map, if you dare! After sharing this map, a fellow map nerd helpfully pointed … Continue reading Beer vs Wine

Fast Food Frequency

Here is a look at the per-capita distribution of various top fast food franchises in the United States. The bubbles show the geographic trend of relative popularity across the country -each brand is brimming with interesting trends both in where they are popular and where they are conspicuously absent. The comparative layout allows for a quick … Continue reading Fast Food Frequency

Lego-ified Maps

[Update: Lego-ify maps to your heart’s content here] I really liked the charming simplicity and retro vibes of this set of lego-ified works of art, by Geoffroy Amelot. One of those common instances where I wish I’d thought of it. I especially liked this Lego Vincent. So I tried it out on the same portrait … Continue reading Lego-ified Maps

Six Months of Drought in the American Southeast

Here is a look at the ongoing drought that has been hovering over the American Southeast since spring. It shows six months of aggregated drought areas (drought perimeters of varying intensity, released weekly, collected from June – November of 2016), binned up into 100 square mile hexagonal zones. These zones are scaled by the proportion … Continue reading Six Months of Drought in the American Southeast

The cartography of the Bruised Borders story

The maps of the Bruised Borders story are a combination of a customized vector tile basemap and border polygons with image texture fills, assembled in ArcGIS Online. The cartographic theme is that of actively wounded boundaries between nations. The basemap looks a little like skin, and the disputed boundaries are meant to resemble abrasion. A bit … Continue reading The cartography of the Bruised Borders story