On the Bubble

Here is another look at the 2016 presidential election. This map uses adjacent proportional semi-circles to directly compare the number of votes between two parties. This head-to-head method is a bit better at reducing the symbol overlap issue of a standard proportional map that uses co-incident full circles. There’s enough overlap issue in this map … Continue reading On the Bubble


It’s an election cartogram, ok. But I tacked on some tacky graphics so now the hexagons look like cubes! Pew pew! If you are curious about how to make it, and/or want to re-use my cubifying graphics (a “cube front” image and a “cube back” image sandwich the graduated symbol layer) then have at it … Continue reading Electo-Cubo-Gram


“Whoa, you write weird.” I was a lab instructor for an intro to Geographic Information Systems class and I was scribbling something or another on the whiteboard. One of the students, and education major, noticed that my letter writing sequences were an abomination and called me out. I had never noticed it. So I proceeded … Continue reading Handedness