Working Well Remotely

5 thoughts on “Working Well Remotely”

  1. Good morning. I noticed in your first image you have 2 screens. What type of screen is that on the left? I dig your setup!


    1. It’s just a regular old monitor, like the one next to it. Except it’s rotate. In your operating system you can set a monitor to portrait or landscape mode. I find it’s really nice for documents and emails.


  2. Good summary, and useful advice. Hooray for the vertical monitor. Ages ago my Mac has a Radius CRT monitor that would spin 90 degrees and tell the Mac when its orientation changed. I wish modern screens were so clever.


  3. Love the blog. I’ve recently started working from home, like many, due to COVID-19. I was a little concerned because I really enjoy being around people. I’ve found over the last year that it works pretty well! That is, if you make the effort. I think your advice is spot on!


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