Middle Earth Map Style

32 thoughts on “Middle Earth Map Style”

  1. there’s still a noticeable pattern of repetition in the forests and mountains which defies the purpose imho. might be interesting to aim for something like an algorithm that actually draws this stuff like a human would, with all the doubts along the way 😉

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  2. John would it in anyway be possible to use these map textures (trees, mountains, etc.) in Photoshop as I don’t have ArcGIS.


  3. I think I’m confused about how you made these maps. Did you essentially make the ArcGIS equivalent of Photoshop brushes or is there some sort of translation that ArcGIS Pro is doing to place the representations of rivers, mountains, etc for you?


    1. It’s a combination of both of these I suppose. Specifically, I am using an ArcGIS Pro “style”. A style is a collection of symbol resources that you can apply to your data. Here are a collection of styles I’ve made: https://www.esriurl.com/nelsonstyles
      Regarding how Pro knows were to draw the specific landcover graphics, the underlying vector data is a set of polygons delineating global landform types. I’ve just created a thematic map linking the landform type attribute to the style fill that it best matches.
      Hope this helps!


      1. I think I got it. Just having trouble getting ArcGIS to apply the style to the map. Maybe I need to download those other maps you were using in your Americas? I’m quite new to all of this.


      2. In Pro’s symbology window (if you’ve added the style to the project) there is a Gallery tab. Choose that to see the Felt style and apply them to your features.


  4. How do I run this program? It asked me what to use, and I tried all of the options (like Word, InternetExplorer, Paint, and more) but none of which worked.


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