Map Made By Hand

11 thoughts on “Map Made By Hand”

  1. I love, love, love my map❤️ And I like it a lot! I’ll admit to some jealousy knowing that my sister Carol, was getting hers – of the Columbia River Gorge (Hood River/White Salmon), and was thrilled to open my own piece of Paradise today! Thanks John!


    1. Hi Daniella! Sorry, no, I don’t but I try to share my process so those into mapping can follow the steps. Also, I’ll email you a list of cartographers who do excellent work.


  2. This is amazing. Saw somebody else draw a map on social media and thought it would be so complicated and completely daunting but you’ve convinced me that I could do it too with some patience and grit.

    Thank you!


  3. John, I love the final outcome, and of course, all the steps along the way! I found my way to your map via the folks at ESRI.

    A question please: Where is the small heart marking Cheryl and Kevin Priest’s location? You mentioned that at the end of the post. I looked at the images that followed, quite closely, but could not find it. I do love the color choices, those pastels and pinks, and the look of what reminds me of cross-stitching, as though the map is hand sewn!


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