How-To: United States of Craigslist, Chalkboard Map

9 thoughts on “How-To: United States of Craigslist, Chalkboard Map”

  1. Once I saw your map of earthquakes and downloaded it to my pc, and I used it as my desktop wallpaper for years. Now I came looking for beautiful cartography and I found your site and your other cartography as beautiful as the one I downloaded. You inspire a job I am making as a designer, you are now the light I needed to do my work. Thank you, and please continue doing your incredible job.

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  2. I want to second that. You have made an awesome visual of something most people wouldn’t care about; the division of Craigslist boundaries. I came to your map because I recently moved from California to Vermont and I live in one of those places that don’t have an obvious choice of Craigslist site, (one named after the place they live). I would love to buy a copy that I could get printed large format and framed, but could you add the names of the smaller “Craigslist states”?


    1. Thanks James, glad you like it! Feel free to print out whatever you like. I won’t be going back to update this map, though, so hopefully it’s good enough as is.


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